RIDERS CLUB AGREEMENT

                                      2014 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

                            _______ NEW _______ RENEWAL
                                    ($400.00  a year or $35.00 a month, individual or family membership)

                              General Release and Assumption of the Risk

                                         I agree to accept the monthly newsletter via email: YES/No

                                            MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: WOLF CREEK VALLEY,

                                           Mail to: Lori Donnelly, 11600 Santa Rosa RD,
                                     Camarillo, CA 93012


                       Because equestrian activities are dangerous, all participants must assume all risk of injury and

                           death by signing this release if they wish to participate in any activities of the


                            In consideration of my participation in the equestrian activities of the Wolf Creek Valley Riders and its   individual

                          members (collectively called WCV in this release), and in order to obtain WCVs permission to participate in such

                          activities and to occupy WCVs premises, I hereby assume all risk of injury or death to myself during or as a result of

                          my participation in such activities and occupancy of such premises. I further assume all legal responsibility for any

                          and all damages to or loss of my personal property which may occur during or as a result thereof; and I will bear any

                             and all medical, dental, hospital and similar expenses and fees that may occur during or as a result thereof;    and I

                          waive any and all liability of WCV and its members for any and all of the foregoing risks, responsibilities, and

                          damages whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

                          I understand that the activities of WCV are equestrian activities. I understand that horses are sensitive

                          creatures with minds and wills of their own. I understand that it is not possible for any human being to exercise

                          total control over any horse so as to prevent the animal from injuring others. I understand that WCV is physically

                          incapable of preventing injury or death to any participant, including myself. I understand that the activities of WCV

                          are inherently hazardous because of the foregoing and, that my participation in those activities subject me

to an ever present risk of injury or death.

                               I understand and I intend that by signing this document, I am giving up all my rights to: (a) make claims

                          against; (b) file lawsuits against; and/or (c) receive any money from WCV and/or its members because of any

                          injury, death or loss of any kind occurring during any WCVs activity.

                          This release shall remain in effect for any and all future activities of WCV and whenever I may occupy

                                WCVs premises, until and unless WCV has actually received from me a written notice that I revoke my 

               agreement to these conditions.

                          I have carefully read and understand each paragraph above. I freely and voluntarily agree to all

                          of the terms above without any reservations whatsoever.
                            Signature of Participant Signature of parent for participants

                          Under 18 yrs
                                First name Last Name Phone number Date

                          Address City State Zip

                     Email address: ______________________________ Birthdate (month & day): _____________________

                          Permission to release phone/email address to other WCV members only: YES / NO
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