Stall mucking daily
Blanket and Fly Mask Service
Turn out service
Automatic waterers
60 X 200 arena
Trail Access---See link below    
Tack Room                           
Wash Racks         
Cross Ties
Gather at the "Whistle Stop" in the evening
for our bonfires to exchange tales of the
days riding!
Lots to offer  on trail riding.
There is a trail that leads to the ocean about 10 miles away. You can camp overnite on the beach or trailer you horse back to the stable in the evening.
The Wildwood Regional Park boarders the back of  the property. There are many miles of trails to ride on. The trail leads to the beautiful Paradise Falls.
Link to Santa Rosa Valley News Letter
Link to: Santa Rosa Valley Trails
Check out the trails around Wolf Creek!!
Endless miles for riding pleasure!

Prices for boarding at Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Riders Club------$40

Individual Services

Monthly Blanketing includes fly mask -------------50.00 month

Individual blanket  ---------------------------------  6.00 a day
Fly Mask ---------------------------------------------- 45.00 month

Individual fly mask  ---------------------------------  6.00 a day

Monthly Supplements--------------------------------- 45.00 month

Individual supplments ------------------------------    6.00 a day

Individual Walk horse 20 minutes -----------------  20.00 per time

Assist vet or Farrier ----------------------------------- 15.00 per time

Monthly Package  includes above services ----------260.00 
     (includes 3 -20 minutes walks)     

Walk horse 20 min (5 days) ------------------------- 150.00 a month 

Lunch service ------------------------------------------ 50.00 a month

Pine stall pellets on site  installed--------------------- 11.50  bag or
   you install 7.50 per bag.