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Wolf Creek Valley Ranch, believes natural horsemanship allows horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve: success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion. Love, language, and leadership in equal doses is the key to success.
Wolf Creek is proud of our Playground. See below pictures of some of our "play" things. More toys
coming in the future. Many challenges for you and you partner to achieve. Remember it isn't the goal
that counts, it's the journey
(Please note that dates on some photos are incorrect...)
Not natural
Ball on back in natural horsemanship class.
Back your horse around the corners
Allowing your horse to step thru innertube
Leading your horse by his foot.
It's all about trust
Pushing ball
Scary tarp to walk on
Walking across teeter totter
Sundance, wearing innertube
Backing through intersection
Gunner and Sonic
playing in the water crossing
Sonic, walking through flapping waterfall
Gunner, holding up innertube
Tonka, on Pedestal